notas virtutis

Inaugurated in 2018 as the CASA CANTO CHOIRS, our organization is passionately committed to inspire, enlightening and entertain our audiences with some of the most commanding voices in music. Founded with a vision of providing an opportunity for young choristers to perform at a world-class level, achieving recognition as a leading choir – regionally, nationally and when performing internationally.

Walter Thompson, our Choirmaster, is a young, energetic conductor with an eclectic yet traditional approach to choral music and he applies his passion for music in educating children in the choral arts. The organization endeavors to offer children an exciting learning environment where they can be taught essential skills that complement their study and practice of music theory.

The Casa Canto Choirs took their first standing as a choir on the 26th of January 2019 and with the vision and creative leadership of their Choirmaster Walter Thompson, they took their first public stage, making their debut and attaining recognition as choir at their Jabulela Choral Fest, celebrating World Singing Day in October 2019. In celebrating their rite-of-passage, they were joined on stage by their choral friends who gave them recognition as a choir: The Drakensberg Old Boys’ Choir, the Cantare Children’s Choir, the Mosaïek Choir and the Randburg Manne Koor.

As a choir we aim to build to an extensive repertoire that will allow us to participate in The World Choir Games. The performance repertoire spans from a cappella pieces; traditional pieces; classical pieces; motets; cantata and oratorios as well as modern pieces from well-known musicals such as the Greatest Showman. 

“Choir develops a lifelong love of music,

It teaches us refined music appreciation skills,

as equitable to a nobleman’s’ tasting pallet,

and teaches the aspiring young student,

the distinct traits of a refined, future musician.”  



There’s no way that CASA CANTO CHILDREN'S CHOIR would be such a fabulous choir without the support of its numerous patrons. It is with the support and sponsorship from friends and fans like you that they are able to continue their performances and outreach. There are many different ways of getting involved - find out how you can help today.